About Us

Lifelong support

Night and Day Dog Training, a local San Diego small business, is steadfastly committed to offering unwavering support to dogs and their families. Our approach revolves around tailored, well-rounded training plans meticulously designed to align with your dog’s unique lifestyle. No matter your training objectives, our aim is to empower every client with the confidence to reach and exceed them.

Our Values






Our Mission

We are committed to your success in achieving your dog training goals.

Head Trainer

Dustin Gustafson boasts an impressive five-year track record of training in San Diego. His unwavering passion for his work shines through. While he possesses expertise across various training domains, his true calling lies in behavioral rehabilitation. Witnessing owners regain their confidence in public outings, relish family time, and foster positive canine interactions is what makes this journey exceptionally fulfilling.


Jade's journey with animals has been defined by an unwavering commitment to care and compassion. With a background encompassing horses, dogs, and her current role as a Veterinary Technician, she continually seeks to enhance her expertise to deliver optimal outcomes for her clients and herself. Her dedication is a cornerstone of Night and Day's success, as she works tirelessly to foster confidence in both dogs and their handlers.

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