Why Night and Day Dog Training?

We are firm believers that dog training should be a delightful experience for both you and your furry companion! Our approach combines balanced training techniques, harnessing the power of positive reinforcement and a diverse range of tools to unleash your dog’s full potential. Recognizing that training is an ongoing journey, we provide unwavering lifelong support to ensure your continuous success.

Behaviors we can help with:

Puppy training
Leash reactivity
Vet reactivity
Human/ Dog aggression
Off-leash training


And more!

What we offer

Initial Consult

Our head trainer evaluates your dog and surroundings, tailoring training to your goals and concerns from the initial appointment. You’ll receive recommended tools and homework to address issues and progress in training.

1-2 Hours


Follow-Up Appointment

After the initial appointment, the trainer will suggest the necessary follow-up sessions at different locations to ensure your dog’s training goals are met. If you require additional follow-ups, simply let us know, and we’ll gladly continue assisting you and your dog.

1-2 Hours


Day-Care and Train

Our day-care and train program offers a convenient, hands-off training approach, either as recommended by your trainer or based on your preference. It involves your dog receiving four hours of daily training over consecutive days, followed by progress discussions and homework guidance with the owner to ensure the training carries over into various environments.

4 hours


Board and Train

Our Board and Train program offers a tailored and structured training experience for your pup. After an initial appointment, if determined to be the best fit for you and your lifestyle, your dog will undergo an intensive training regimen, focusing on obedience and gradually expanding to different environments. Midway through the program, we’ll review progress and discuss post-training guidelines. Following completion, we’ll conduct an in-home appointment to facilitate a seamless transition and ensure the established training rapport is effectively transferred to the owners.

Decided post-eval


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